Banafsheh Esmaeilzadeh
Web desighner

Banafsheh Esmaeilzadeh

Web desighner

Get to know me better.

My interest in the digital world led me to study information technology. But what I was learning at university did not satisfy me. Because of this, I took many courses and learned many skills.

How I started?

I started my career in the second year of university as a freelancer in the field of web design, and after graduating, I worked as an IT professional in a government organization for a short time. The lack of challenges and a lot of dead time led me to private companies. So as a digital marketing manager, I started working with an international company.

What happened next?

After a while I decided to improve my skills in web design and content marketing. So I changed my job and started working with three other companies. I was starting my work at 7 am and sometimes it lasted until 3 am. During this time, my goals motivated me.

What do I want to do?

I have experience in the fields of web design, digital marketing, content marketing and SEO. But I prefer continuing working as a web designer. Creating and being creative give me a sense of life when I design a website.


English 70%
Persian 90%
Deutsch 20%
Arabic 35%

Positive Point

Eager to learn

It makes me happy to learn new works and things. The modern world is constantly changing. Therefore, updating information and learning new things makes life more beautiful.

Team Work

All great work is the result of the efforts of a team. That’s why I always prefer teamwork to individual work.


With creative and outside of the box thinking, challenges are solved in an easier and more efficient way.


I’m interested in learning about people’s around me and interact with them. In my opinion, this increases mutual understanding.


I’m friendly, and like people.

Weakness Point


I am enthusiasm to learn anything and gain new experiences.

Growth seeker

I like to progress. If my knowledge and experience do not change for a long time, I feel bad.

key role

If I can not make a change or make an impact, I will never enter your company.


I always want my work to be great, and that makes me worry.
Now I try to do my works in a certain period of time and have the best performance that I can..


Sometimes after completing a project, an idea comes to my mind, and I implement it. Sometimes it doesn’t work and it takes my time.

My Belief Sides


I believe the company and the employees should grow together. If one of these does not grow, it will stop the other from growing.

Value creation

Companies and people with value creation will be remembered forever.


Cooperation can make the difference between success and failure for many businesses. If there is no Cooperation in a collection, the collection will not progress.

The trust

If we trust each other, we will spend less time and energy defending our interests and focus more on achieving our goals.

Good feeling

If we admire what we do and feel good about doing it, we will do it better and faster.

My Skills

The challenges and needs I had during my work helped me to learn many skills.

What I did before

Web Design
Digital Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing

Technical Skills

C# & C++

Familier with

WordPress & Plugins
UX builder
Visual Composer
Social Marketing


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe XD
Microsoft Office

Work Experience 

 I am honored to announce that I have worked with the following companies.

Web designer at Hamyar Toseh

I have been working with Hamyar Toseh Company as a web design expert for more than a year. This company is one of the top 5 companies in the field of website design in Iran and has international customers. (2020-present)

Content Marketing Specialist at Falnic

Falnic (Iran HP) is one of the most well-known Iranian companies in the field of IT. I have been working with this company for almost a year and a half as a content marketing and digital marketing specialist. (2020-present)

Web Content Manager at A4baz

I have been working with a4baz Company, initially as a website content manager and now as a recruitment consultant and copywriter, for more than a year and a half. This company is one of the top startups in Iran in the field of providing digital and home appliances repair services. (2020-present)

Digital marketing manager in Matin

Matin is the largest supplier of memory related products in the Iranian mobile and computer industry and the exclusive representative of Taiwanese products, Silicon Power, PQI, Apiser, Maxl, Amtak Kodak, LG, Energizer, Gel and KingStar. I worked with this company as a digital marketing manager and web designer for about a year. (2019 – 2020)

IT at Cultural Heritage Organization

For a short time, I worked as an IT expert for the country’s cultural heritage organization. The lack of enough challenges at work made me give up on this path. (2019 – 2019)

Freelance Web Developer

I started my professional career as a freelancer six years ago. During this time I have been able to create a good personal brand for myself and cooperate with well-known individuals and organizations in the country. (2015-present)


Some companies that trusted me and entrusted their projects to me

Pricing Table 

 If you are eager to work with me, I am ready to work with you 

Fixed Price Project

I am available for fixed roles


Web design, SEO, Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing

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Full-time work

I am available for full time

$55,000 – $60,000 a year

Web design, SEO, Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing

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Hourley work

I am available for Hourley projets


Web design, SEO, Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing

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